Trekking tours

Jebel Trekking offers a variety of exciting guided trekking tours all over Morocco. Below you will find a selection of our popular tours. Other great trekking tours are available on request, not only in the areas presented below, but also in other parts of the country.

You are most welcome to contact Jebel Trekking for further information and booking.

Valleys and villages in the heart of High Atlas

High passes, wild mountains and a stunning lake in High Atlas

Climbing to the summit of Mount Toubkal

Majestic mountains, green valleys and an amazing clay village in M’Goun

Lunar beauty and fascinating rocks in the semi-desert of Saghro

Scenic mountains, rocks and ravines in the semi-desert of Saghro

A volcanic peak, a scenic gorge and saffron fields in Siroua

Sand dunes, plateaus and clay villages in serene Sahara

Abandoned villages and curious blue rocks in serene Tafraoute

Endless beaches and dramatic cliffs along the Atlantic coast