About us

Jebel Trekking is your personal, family-run organizer of guided trekking tours all over Morocco.

Over the years Jebel Trekking has guided hikers from many countries and has met with great appreciation from satisfied customers. This is evident not least in the number of regular trekking parties that confidently return year after year.


My background:

I was born and raised in the village of Aremd in High Atlas, at the foot of Mount Toubkal. This is where my Berber family has lived for generations and where we still live, close to Nature. From Aremd I run Jebel Trekking, and our guest house Dar Toubkal is also situated here.

When I was a little boy, my father always took me with him when he walked in the mountains. He conveyed all his knowledge about mountain-life to me, and through him I developed the respect and humility I still feel towards Morocco´s magnificent nature. When I was 16 I began to work with trekking tours, developing my competence at first as a mule driver, and later as a cook.

In 2006 I took my license as a professional trekking and skiing guide. I love my occupation and I am passionate about arranging excellent tours, striving always to give hikers from all over the world a superior experience of Morocco´s natural beauty and ancient culture.

My trekking knowledge embraces the whole country of Morocco. After countless treks in the Toubkal area, M´Goun, Siroua, Saghro, Sahara, Tafraoute and many other regions, I have become intimately familiar with Morocco´s mountains, valleys, plateaus, rivers and villages. The paths in this wonderful landscape are etched in my memory, and I go everywhere with neither map nor compass.

Through the years I have developed valuable relationships with friendly villagers, and with the many pleasant and service-minded Berbers whom I engage as guides, mule drivers, dromedary drivers and cooks in the Jebel Trekking team.

Jebel Trekking is a family business where you can expect great service and kindness from all its members. Dar Toubkal near Mount Toubkal is Jebel Trekking´s own family-run guest house in beautiful surroundings, where visitors can relax and enjoy the mountains close up.

We care of course about the environment. And because we love and respect the natural surroundings we live in, we leave no trace behind us on our tours. Naturally, we also dispose of our own waste in an environmentally friendly way. Our animals are treated with respect, we feed them well and never overload either mules or dromedaries.

It is Jebel Trekking´s true ambition to give you as our guest the “little extra” that will make your Moroccan trekking tour a superb experience, and a memory to treasure. We look forward to organizing your adventure, whether it is your very first time, or if you are one of our regular visitors.

You are always welcome to contact Jebel Trekking with any questions you might have.


Mohamed Aït Tadrart
Tour organizer and Guide

Aremd, High Atlas, Morocco